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Drug cheats expected at London 2012

IOC president Jacques Rogge expects some athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs at the London Olympics.

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Live - Carling Cup semi-final

Manchester City face Liverpool in the second leg of their Carling Cup semi-final, with Roberto Mancini's side aiming to overturn a 1-0 deficit and book their place in the final against Cardiff.

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Fresh violence engulfs Syria

A Syrian Red Crescent official is shot dead and and the major city of Hama is the focus of a security offensive as violence engulfs Syria.

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What the State of the Union means for your wallet

(Reuters) - While Americans might get a little break in their payroll taxes through the end of this year, greater financial relief for workers will be elusive. After the State of the Union speech by President Obama on Tuesday night, it's clear that the wizard will still be hiding behind the curtain.

O2 apology for mobile disclosure

O2 apologises for a problem that could have exposed users' mobile phone numbers to websites.

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Iraqi outrage over Marine's sentence

A plea deal for a U.S. Marine squad leader charged in connection with the deaths of 24 people, in which he received a rank reduction and pay cut but avoided jail time, triggered outrage among Iraqis.

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Holden 'stable' after baby birth

Her publicist says Holden had been in a "critical condition" for the birth but was now "stable" and predicted to "make a full recovery very soon".

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Nigeria police official fired amid violence

The inspector general of police in Nigeria has been fired, aides to the Nigerian president said Wednesday.

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Nigeria's police chief 'sacked'

The president of Nigeria dismisses police chief Hafiz Ringim, forcing him to retire early, an official statement says, after a wave of Islamist attacks.

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Faulty Pakistani drugs 'kill 70'

At least 70 people are believed to have died in the Pakistani city of Lahore over the past three weeks because of faulty heart drugs, officials say.

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