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VIDEO: Pakistani children wish for a star

Dream came true for three terminally ill children in Pakistan: they are meeting Bollywood star Salman Khan.

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Bill Gates school mystery speaker

When a south London secondary school asked for an inspiring guest speaker to talk to their pupils, they didn't expect Bill Gates to turn up.

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Two men bailed in murder inquiry

Two men arrested by police investigating the murder of a woman at her Carmarthenshire village home are released on police bail.

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Gunmen shoot dead Karachi lawyers

Gunmen on motorcycles shoot dead three lawyers and wound another in an apparent sectarian attack in Pakistan's biggest city, Karachi.

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Claim dead boy 'exposed himself'

The Jack Frew murder trial hears claims that the schoolboy exposed himself to the accused shortly before he was stabbed to death.

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Merkel says 'big rethink needed'

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel tells the World Economic Forum that a "big rethink" is needed in the eurozone within the global economy.

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VIDEO: New year fireworks explosion kills four

An explosion at a firework display in Thailand to celebrate the lunar new year has killed four people and injured dozens.

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Rousseff to visit Cuba, focus on post-embargo era

BRASILIA (Reuters) - Some forty years ago, Dilma Rousseff was a guerrilla fighter working clandestinely to bring a version of Cuban leader Fidel Castro's communist revolution to Brazil.

Human rights being distorted - PM

David Cameron will stress his desire to reform the European Court of Human Rights in a speech in Strasbourg later

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Ice warning for large parts of UK

The Met Office is warning of ice and wintry showers for Scotland, north England and Northern Ireland.

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